Technology, Creative Industry and the Great Empire of Imaginariness

Paulo Faustino

Technology and social metabolization

There seems to be a certain consensus among the scientific and medical community that Covid-19 is becoming less of a pandemic and more of an endemic disease. In this sense, we’ll have to be able to adjust our lives taking into consideration the coexistence with the virus until it is possible to normalize its negative impact following a prophylactic approach in a medium to long-term basis, recurring to vaccines and other antiviral medication that are gradually at our disposal.

However, as a result of Covid-19’s impact, many personal and professional routines have changed, in some cases quite substantially. One of the most (negatively) affected activities are precisely the ones of the cultural and creative industry worldwide. This is due, in part, to the fact that its foundations and reason of being depend on social and physical interaction: entertaining, informing, inform, socializing and experiencing.

Social interaction is one of the most important bases of Creative and Cultural Industries, and it has been strongly constrained by the pandemic – or endemic disease – we are going through at this moment in history. However, technology seems to be a greater protagonist having a constant presence in our lives today, namely when it comes to new ways – or attempts – of social interaction and new experiences in the virtual world.