Submission rules

JOCIS follows the classic model of a scientific journal, including papers; reports on studies; literature reviews; and interviews with world renowned authors. It is handled by a highly qualified team that has earned its respect through years of experience. JOCIS is designed to propose an innovative editorial initiative, of international reputation, aiming to boost the production, exchange and dissemination of knowledge on creative and cultural activities. The papers undergo the review of respected and renown academics and experts in the field of creative and cultural industries.

  1. All articles must be submitted through the form below. If you wish to discuss your article before submission, please contact us.

  2. All articles are blindly submitted to a scientific committee for approval, only after approval they are published.

  3. The articles are published in English, however we accept articles in other languages. The publisher will arrange the translations of those works accepted. The translation has an associated payment.

  4. Cover letter: please attach to the manuscript submitted a letter confirming that all authors agree to the submission and that the article is not being considered for publication by another journal.

  5. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright holders to reproduce any media on their articles, be it  illustrations, tables, figures or citations.

  6. Proofs and copies: authors whose articles are approved will receive proofs and will have to send corrections within 3 weeks.

Submit a new manuscript

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Subjects accepted

• Creative and cultural industries

• Arts and cultural economy

• Marketing in creative and cultural industries

•  Creative and cultural industries’ management

• Communication

•Visual communication and interactive media

• Design and social innovation 

• Culture and development

• Public policies

• Creative clusters

• Entrepreneurship 

• Cultural events

Each manuscript must have
  1. Title page with full title and subtitle (if any).

  2. Abstract, ranging from 100 to 300 words.

  3. Up to 10 keywords.

  4. Main text ranging from 5000 to 8000 words (excluding notes, references, abstract, tables, figures and/or appendices).

  5. The text should be clearly organized, with a clear hierarchy of titles and subtitles.

  6. Citations exceeding 40 words should be re-entered in the body of the text.

  7. References should follow the APA style, i.e., references are cited in the text by author and date, and at the end of the article there should be a complete alphabetical list.

  8. Minimum of 10 references in the bibliography.

  9. When confirmed, references shall bear their DOI with the URL prefix (

  10. Tables must be typed, not provided as images. All tables must have a brief title with note(s) and source(s) below it.