Some major questions for research in Information- Communication today

Bernard Miège

Cite as: Miège, Bernard (2023). “Some major questions for research in Information-Communication today”. Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies (JOCIS), v. 9, pp. 48-65.

After recalling the conditions under which the communication sciences (also known as communication studies or information and communication sciences) have developed and progressively imposed themselves as a new discipline, the author shows that their scientific productions, although real, would benefit from being less sectorial and fragmented. He also
suggests what could be a research methodology and proposes to group them around six major axes that he specifies successively. These six axes seem necessary considering that the first two decades of this century have seen an unprecedented advance of digital techniques, ensuring the oligopolistic domination of the five digital giants and some allies and reinforcing surveillance in societies, practically without adapted regulatory measures.

Keywords: Digital giants and others (the Big Five and others), cultural and creative industries, historical media, digital mediations, digitization of societies, cultural and informational platforms, cultural, informational and communicational practices, information and communication research, digital regulation, digital surveillance, digital information and communication technologies, digital media.

ISSN: 2184-0466.
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