The iron curtain, geopolitics and the cultural exception

As I write this editorial, the war going on the air space and on the field and over communication (invasion or the special military intervention, in the words of the Russian government in Ukraine by Russia continues. A situation that would be unthinkable to happen in the 21st century where humanist values seem to follow a path of increasing strength; at least in most continents, although the democratic political system is largely a minority in the world; dictatorships or autocracies are dominating the political landscape, especially in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We must not forget this! I believe that even analysts and experts in international relations, including the ones in the countries with sophisticated espionage systems like USA or Great Britain, would be far from predicting a conflict of this intensity and negative impact on humanity: more than three million refugees and thousands of deaths (both amongst military and civilians) in both countries.

Even in the most Machiavellian and fictional scenario this was unexpected. And it seems, so far, that there is no light at the end of the tunnel – despite diplomatic negotiations and the theatre of communication. On the contrary, there is even the risk of stepping right in front of the train meaning pressing the nuclear bomb button. No, that cannot happen! There must be room for
diplomacy and human rights and respect for the cultural and artistic expression of all people. The 2 months since the war started already show a great civilizational regression.

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