Business models for digital newspapers

an online response to a growing demand for news content

Authors: Blanca Piñeiro Torres


Piñeiro Torres, B. (2017). Business models for digital newspapers: an online response to a growing demand for news content. Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies–JOCIS1 (1), 88–101.


The newspaper industry crisis coincides with an explosion in demand for content in diverse areas and forms of news consumption. The diverse digital business paradigms that arise in such a context come in various forms, from pay per view to free of charge content types: a) payment model that combines advertising, subscription and sale techniques similar to the print version, although offering additional services; b) payment model based on quality version subscription; c) payment model charging for access to certain content and d) open and free model with strategies that are increasingly similar to the ones of native digital media. Therefore, there is a paradox between the growing demand for digital content and the difficulty of choosing an online media business model.


Digital business model, online media, news content, newspaper, demand

ISSN: 2184-0466.
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