Approaching the Potential of Cyber-Physical Systems to Tourism Projects

Authors: Silvia Fernandes


Fernandes, S. (2019). Approaching the Potential of Cyber-Physical Systems to Tourism Projects. Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies–JOCIS3 (1), 68–89.


We are witnessing the need for a quick and intelligent reaction from organizations to the level and speed of change in business processes. This is often associated with the emerging of new information systems and technologies, bursting problems like the persistence of wrong information, systems not fully used and slow response. This requires two main actions: synchronizing people’s visions and strategies within the organization and selecting the information which is relevant for the strategic goals. The main challenge of the proposed approach is to choose the information systems’ portfolio management aligned with the enterprise architecture. This integration leads to modelling the process architecture of the company, which in turn serves as a reference for knowledge-base management to cope with business prospects. This kind of flexible framework can contribute to managing the potential adherence to new systems such as the mobile, cloud, big-data or IoT-based services that tend to proliferate especially in such areas as tourism and health.


Information Systems, Portfolio, Process Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Knowledge-Base, Internet.

ISSN: 2184-0466.
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