The Memory Within Photography

How to Observe Photographic Images in the “Post” Context

Authors: Rodrigo Brasil de Mattos and Tiago Ricciardi Correa Lopes


Brasil de Mattos, R. & Ricciardi Correa Lopes, T. (2021). The Memory Within Photography: How to Observe Photographic Images in the “Post” Context. Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies–JOCIS7 (1), 58–74.


The photographic making has become, in recent decades, a tangle of practices, techniques, and modes of circulation, which makes it a challenge to define what is a photograph today, after all. In this text, we propose a reflection on how to observe contemporary photographic images in networked environments through the concepts of Interface Photography and the Web of Imaginariness. We suggest an approach that emphasizes not only the surfaces of the images but also considers the surroundings that integrate with them, helping to unearth other memory images that are part of their constitution. Furthermore, it’s also reflected on the role of the medium – the Instagram image sharing platform – as a device that conditions and promotes the agency of memorial and aesthetic relationships between circulating networked photographic images.


Photography, memory, interface photography, web of imaginariness, Instagram.

ISSN: 2795-5540.
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