Mapping the Film and Audiovisual Sectors

A Research Agenda for the Future

Authors: Manuel José Damásio and Rita Grácio


Damásio, M.J. & Grácio, R. (2021). Mapping the Film and Audiovisual Sectors: A Research Agenda for the Future. Journal of Creative Industries and Cultural Studies–JOCIS7 (1), 76–105.


The film and audiovisual sectors play a crucial role in the European societies, and by extension, also in Portugal. This paper proposes a conceptual change centered on mapping the film and audiovisual (AV) industries in Portugal as a creative sector instead of a cultural one. We argue that this approach enables a more rigorous measurement of the value of these industries in the creative economy, besides allowing for more accessible connections between the creative industries and other areas. This conceptual change is based on an innovative approach to the “creative trident.”

We argue that the value of the film and AV sector must be rooted in a flourishing creative workforce, and we propose that entrepreneurship education can be a path forward in unlocking the sector’s tremendous creative potential. We suggest an innovative research agenda to link all these elements in the context of the audiovisual and film creative industries.


Mapping studies, creative industries, cultural industries, creative professions, creative trident, entrepreneurial education, creative workforce, creative skills.

ISSN: 2795-5540.
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